SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2024 1:30 registration, 2 p.m.
Open Air at 12608 West Ventura

NOTE TO ALL HOMEOWNERS: As you know beach property requires conctinued maintenance. It is critical each homeowners takes responsibility for painting, replacing rusted gutters and other structural articles.

2021 tropical winds and high tides have created severe damage to dunes and fencing. The board is in regular communication with the City of Galveston for repair, replacement and mitigation of fencing and roadways to protect our investments. Please remember there is no parking on the beach as at this time our fencing has been damaged along East and West Buena Vista.

The architectural committee remind you of your homeowner obligation to maintain the exterior of your property. It is critical that paint and other needs due to the salt air exposure are taken care of in compliance with our deed restrictions and bylaws.

Homeowner dues assessments WILL BE MAILED DECEMBER 2024.
Please mail to P. O. Box 16132 Galveston, TX 77552

It is your responsibility as an owner to ensure that your trash can(s) are removed from the side of the street after trash pickup. If you cannot do that yourself, please make arrangements to have someone do it for you. There are services that will take care of your trash cans for a nominal fee. Having trash cans sitting by the street for days at a time is against city ordinance and also does not reflect well on our community.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Annual meeting update: Officers for 2023-24 are President, Carolyn Bilski; Vice President, Sandra Haire; Secretary,Teddi Wilson; Director at Large and City Liason, Peggy Zahlerp; Elected Board Member, Treasurer Monte Vincent. The Board has voted to hire security for the holiday weekends of Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day.The arrival of some seaweed and the tedious and expensive permit and regulation process were discussed if the seaweed continues. If you have a non-emergency city ordinance violation to report, please call 409 765 3702. The City of Galveston Building Permit Application Form and Checklist are now available online in PDF format. Go to the SGBCA page and look under "Zoning Rules & Regulations for Residential Properties." In conclusion, There is a need to emphasize to homeowners, guests and renters that all City of Galveston regulations are enforceable in Spanish Grant. These include animals (dogs) running at large on beach and in neighborhood; golf carts which are prohibited by on beach and only licensed drivers on streets; excessive noise; fireworks and juvenile curfew regulations. Neighborhood Watch Signs have been installed and all are encouraged to report all suspicious activities to the nonemergency law enforcement number or 911 as circumstances indicate necessary. Thanks for your assistance. Carolyn Cerny Bilski

Please contact any Board of Director to receive minutes from the Spanish Grant Beach Homeowners' Association annual meeting.

SGBHOA emails local matters of interest to its homeowners on a regular basis. If you are a homeowner and your email address needs updating, please notify Carolyn Bilski, at carolyncernybilski@gmail.com.

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