Emergency and Police Assistance
     • If there is an emergency please call 911. If possible call from a land line.
     • If you are calling from a cell phone, be sure to tell the operator you need Galveston 911, since
        many cell phones automatically go to the mainland.
     • The non-emergency Galveston Dispatch number is 409-765-3702.
     • If the problem involves a rental house, call the security for the Galveston Association of Rental           Managers (GARM) at 409-682-3603.

  Water Meter
     • When not using your home for an extended period it is prudent to turn off the water to the home to         prevent possible damage in case of a leak or burst pipe. Owners are charged for any water that
        runs through a water meter, even if there is a leak.
     • To prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane please turn your water off at the meter. In a storm  
       situation where water is left on, the owner would be charged for the water. If there are multiple
       homes with leaks due to damage, there could be low or no water pressure for all homes.
     • In case of a storm please secure your garbage can and other loose object around your home.

Rental Problems
     • If you have a problem concerning renters at a Spanish Grant Beach property that is rented through
        realtors who are members of Galveston Association of Rental Managers (GARM), you may call
        Gulf Coast Security and Services (GCSS) at 409-682-3603. Calls will be answered 7 days a
        week/24 hours a day.
     • GARM provides an active patrol to the West End 3 week-day nights and on Friday and Saturday
        nights from 10 PM - 4 AM. During the summer, there is also a Sunday night 10 PM - 4 AM patrol.
     • GCSS will handle minor infractions at rental properties such as loud noise past curfew, too many        guests, cars etc.
     • If a crime is in progress, such as a burglary or an assualt etc., be sure to call 911.
     •GARM members include: Castaways Resort Properties, Century 21 Bay Reef, Deem Realty,
       Gary Green Realtors, Prudential Galveston Realty, Realty Executives Island Realty, Sand `N Sea        Properties, and Wolverton & Associates Realty.
     • GARM has a GARM Property Managers Code of Conduct for its members.
     • GARM requires its renters to sign a GARM Renters' Agreement.

Garbage Collection
     • Public Works Department 409-797-3630
     • Customer Service Dept. Green Carts 409-797-2122
     • Recycling Center 409-741-4639
Trash collection for Spanish Grant Beach is scheduled on Monday. Please have your receptacles out by 7:00 a.m. and picked up by 7:00 p.m. the same day. Trash/Refuse collection is done by the City of Galveston by which they use an automated refuse collection system. One 96 gallon receptacle is provided for each home at no charge. Additional receptacles for $3.00 per month may be obtained by calling 797-2122. No plastic bags of garbage placed outside of this receptacle will be picked up. The City will not pick up any toxic materials such as paint cans, batteries, or butane bottles. If you have any construction materials in your garbage receptacle it will be bypassed. In addition, no construction materials will be picked up if they are stacked next to your receptacle. Each resident must haul off any scrap building material to a dump. Special automated trucks are available to pick up large trash items such as limbs, refrigerators and air conditioners. You must call the City of Galveston to arrange this type of pickup. Freon and compressors must be removed and tagged accordingly by a certified technician before they will be picked up. These types of items must be placed adjacent to your property near the street.

Mosquito Control
Aerial and ground spraying is done by Galveston County. To request this service, please call 1-800-842-5622. It really helps if several property owners call, as they will respond quickly in answer to multiple calls.

Animal Control
The City of Galveston does enforce a leash law. It is unlawful for any person owning, keeping, or having an animal in his possession or control to allow it to run at large upon the streets, sidewalks, beaches or public grounds of the city, or to allow it to run at large upon or about the residences, lots or premises of any person other than the owner of such animal.
To report animal control issues, please call 409-797-3612.

Animal Emergency Numbers
If you find a lost or injured animal:
     • Wildlife Rehab & Education Hotline 713-643-WILD
     • Texas Parks ans Wildlife Service 744-4071
     • Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network 744-1358
If you find a sick or injured bird:
     • Trudi Belz (Texas City) 948-6262
     • Campeche Cove Animal Hospital 740-0808
If you find a sick or injured mammal:
     • Barbara House (Dickinson) 281-337-3683
     • Sharon Schmalz (League City) 281-332-8319
For livestock roaming near roads:
     • Galveston Police Department 797-3700
For snake problems:
     • Esco Pest Control 737-3200
     • For bee and wasp problems:
     • Esco Pest Control 737-3200
     • Darrel Lister, "Bee Buster" 713-661-2919
For trapping wild animals:
     • Esco Pest Control 737-3200
For domestic animal problems:
     • The Bay Area SPCA 713-339-0086
     • Animal Shelter & Adoption Center 740-1919
     • City of Galveston Animal Control 797-3612
     • Animal Emergency Clinic in League City 1-800-356-3692 The clinic is open from 6 p.m. to 8 am        for emergency animal treatment. It is located on the north side of I-45 between the Calder Rd. and        FM 518 exits. The address is 1100 Gulf Freeway, Suite 104.

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